Established in 2010, Rare Breed Sports originally started as a small blog promoting action sports and athletes.

The blog created opportunites within the action sports industry, which lead to working on multiple projects such as negotiating sponsorship and advertising contracts, hosting and supporting events, managing brands and athletes.

Rare Breed Sports quickly evolved into a young dynamic action sports agency.

Today, Rare Breed Sports provides a unique sales and marketing service across the action sports world. Our clients are some of the world’s most innovative businesses and athletes. Further more, we have been involved in projects which are creating history, legends and providing huge opportunities for athletes to earn huge pay cheques.

rare breed sports

Rare Breed Sports have worked with many organisations and sports. These include the British Super Bikes, British Touring Cars, UFC, World Surf League, International Scooter Association, Extreme Barcelona, Board Masters, World Skate, World Roller Games, Parkour Generations and more.

Rare Breed Sports is part of Proactive Edge, a sale and marketing agency.